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03-16-08 Palm Sunday!
Could it really be that Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, provoked His own crucifixion on Palm Sunday?

Actually, it was Jesus entering into Jerusalem with all the people hailing Him as King, and praising Him for His wonderful works that angered and frustrated the Pharisees so much.

They had tried to devise a way to be rid of Him, but were afraid of all these people who loved Him. Shortly thereafter, He beat and ejected moneychangers from the Temple for a second time. He had already pronounced their doom, since they chose to blaspheme God's Holy Spirit. He told them they would not find forgiveness, and spoke to them only in parables from then on.

The effect we see from these things is that the Pharisees that hated Jesus were so enraged that they went against their own plan, and took Him before the great feast of the Passover. They were determined to be delivered from His authority and judgment.

Photo courtesy of BigFoto.Com

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