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St. Cloud Missionary Baptist Church
St. Cloud, FL

Church Dinner
Details about upcoming events will be given during regular Church services, or an email announcement may be given.

Business Meeting
The Church Business Meeting is typically held on the First Sunday of the month after the First Tuesday of the month...

. . . . . Eastern Time
Worship in spirit and in truth!
Here, at St. Cloud Missionary Baptist Church, we meet regularly to worship Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.  When we meet for worship, we make a distinction between carnal effort and worship in spirit and in truth.  If you seek a place you can come to worship God in accordance with His Word, JOIN US, and together let us raise our praise to Him who saved us by His Grace through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.
We, also, meet regularly for the study of God's Word, and learning what He has for us.  As we delve into the truth contained in the scriptures, we seek God's guidance and His Spirit, seeing that as the only source of inspiration that will put the truth of the scriptures in our hearts.

Please see the appropriate pages to see our SCHEDULE and our location.

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